Friday, January 15, 2010

We're seeing growth... thanks to you.

It's halfway through January, and we are climbing up in site rankings, seeing exponential site visit growth and people all over America are starting to get what sellfreeusa is all about. More importantly, they must be telling other people, because the site hits grow in multiple numbers daily. It's all very flattering stuff.

Sure, we're not getting 30 million hits a month or anything, but you have to understand that we just painted the walls and swept the floors on this new virtual mall just four or five weeks ago for the last time. At that point it was empty and wide open for growth. Now, people are coming to see what we are all about and we hope we're not dissapointing anyone.

First you throw a party, then some people show up.... then it either gets huge, or peters out. From our numbers, its going to be huge, but only if you keep talking about us, keep posting ads and keep linking to your twitter, your facebook, your home site and just do us the favor of helping you in the long run. When you help us grow this monster, you'll have a new and better place to effectively market.

In short, keep doing whatever it is you've been doing... because it is working. And we appreciate it.

Thanks for the ads
Craig and Melissa Hull

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