Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What? You gonna cry about it?

I know, really I do. Anyone who knows me personally will tell you that I speak from the heart to anyone who has been financially injured by the financial crash of 2008-2009. I'm with you and I know how it was. Everything was going like gangbusters, then gas spiked in price and you started hearing news about home foreclosures and something called Mortgage Dirivatives on the news... and then things got bad, then worse, then reeeeeaaaal bad, then your banker started getting a little snippy with you for what you believe to be no reason at all, then things got really bad and now here you are. Sound familiar? If it didn't happen to you, I bet you know someone it did happen to and you are still a little injured from it all, even if you escaped with your life and your business. It hurt, I know personally, but crying don't fix nothin'.

So, no crying. Time to get out front and use the new ways of business in 2010. Now that the game has changed and the rules of running a business successfully have turned completely around from what you learned in college, you need to toss your old ideas and make a new plan. This plan must use social networking (ie; twitter, facebook, myspace, hi5, digg and others), combined with free online ads, coupons and business listings to create an online brand image and help it grow. Even if you are strictly a LOCAL business in a small to mid-sized town, this stuff is like GOLD. In fact, when in that position, social networking and web tie ins actually work a little BETTER than for larger regional companies. Think about that for a minute.

"So, what you're saying, Craig, is that social networking would be more effecctive for my little local tavern than a national chain of bar/restaurants?" Yes I am. Social networking is completely built on WHO you know personally. When getting your name out there, make it YOUR name and your company's name as well. It will 'put a face' on your business and help people relate to you and your business at the same time. Look at Orville Redenbacher. You know who he is... but did you know that he was the actor who fronted for Conagra Foods, the $13 billion annual sales giant that employs 26,000 people? Talk about putting a homey face on a corporate giant. But, Conagra knew how important it was and spent hundreds of millions of dollars to make you forget about the 10,000lb industrial giant gorilla shoving popcorn in bags worldwide and look at the quirky old fella popping popcorn in his kitchen. You bought it from him, not Conagra. Does that help open your eyes to what I am getting at?

You have a much better time of it than Conagra. You really do have personal friends who know who your are and what your business is. They have a vested 'social' interest in your success, because everyones friends like their friends to be successful. It makes them look good. Thus the facebook, twitter, sellfreeusa thing. If you will take the time to get on those sites personally, then create a business fan page for your friends to help you promote, you will see things change. Maybe you have a website to point people to that can further explain your business and maybe show them what you have for sale and maybe you don't either way, you can tie in sellfreeusa.com by creating a business listing ad and throwing up ads in different sections that further show what you offer and give people an idea of what your business is about. You can also update your twitter, facebook and sellfreeusa listings immediately, instead of emailing your web guy and hoping that he gets around to adding that Tuesday drink special before Wednesday.

Listen, I am trying to give you some really good free advice. Don't value it by what I charged you. Value it by what it can do for you. Get yourself a facebook page today. Get a twitter account and post a few ads on your sellfreeusa.com page. You can easily insert your sellfreeusa ad url location in any twits or facebook entries to build a web of YOU on the internet and that is the start. But, by all means, get started. Have problems with this? email me.

The rules of business have changed. Free rules everything, friends count and social networking tied into free online ads will change the business landscape forever. Really.

Thanks for the ads
Craig and Melissa Hull

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