Thursday, January 14, 2010

Who's like YOU?

Of course, I already know that there is NOBODY just like you. We are all unique. What I am asking is, who likes what you like, laughs at what you laugh at and is just 'like' you in your hometown or neighborhood? Don't know? Why not post an ad in Friend Search Section on your local page. Your ad will run for 120 days and who knows, you might find a new friend to hang with. Lord knows right now, we could all use more friends.

Sample Ad? How about...

My name is Craig Hull, I live here in Clarinda Iowa and have done so most of my life, but just to make sure that I've met everyone around here, I thought I would post this ad. I'm very happily married to my wife, Melissa. I have four great kids, Bryan, Christian, Samantha and my newest one, Thomas. I also have two grandkids, Keegan and Jillian. I like bigger TV's, bourbon and coke, slipping out to the Inda-Clar, just off the town square in Clarinda, for a drink once in a while and working on my website, I also love far side cartoons, cool art and anything rare from AC/DC.  Oh! and I am huge fan of Mark Twain, Clive Cussler and any movie that doesn't hae too much CG in it. If you want, email me and we'll trade jibes online or meet up at the Indie for a cold one. Thanks.

Actually, i posted this on EVERY friend search page nationwide to see what emails I would receive. I am hoping for some rare old Bon Scott bootleg mp3 stuff.... :)

It's just a sample ad, but if you are new to an area and aren't looking for a date, that doesn't mean that the personals section is not for you. It just means that you probably hadn't thought about it like this. Hope this opens your mind and helps you find some friends through your new friend search ad.

Thanks for the ads
Craig and Melissa Hull

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