Saturday, January 30, 2010

Why the next 10 years will be WONDERFUL

Years ago, I remembered commenting that it would have been a wonderful thing to be the guy that was standing on Wall Street in 1945 with $50,000 in cash to spend. Just being at the right place at the right time made many men literal multimillionaires between 1945 and 1955. I then said out loud, "I almost envy those guys. Man... if I could have been one of them."

Well kids, it's not 1945. It's 2010 and I don't have any money to spend, but I've got something that any man in 1945 would have KILLED to have. The great thing is that YOU have it as well. It's just not one thing, it is many things but here is a short list of why the next 10 years will make the economic boom from 1945-1955 look like kids play, when it comes to growth, the amassing of wealth and all around good living.

Just to put things in perspective, it took from 1929 until 1945 for the economy just to even get back to where it has already recovered in just one year today. Why? Think about all of the tools capitalism has at its disposal today. Like....

1. The Internet.
Never before in the history of mankind have so many people been completely, seamlessly and openly connected together for immediate exchanges of information without editing or dissemination by propagandists or those with an agenda. Not only can we exchange literally more information in a minute than people in 1945 could in a decade, but we can easily triangulate it by checking foreign news, snopes, chat rooms, newsgroups and even eye witnesses immediately, via twitter, facebook and other instant communications mediums. The upside of having the Internet is so valuable that no one can even value it. But, the internet also has a downside, in that when bad things happen financially, they happen much quicker as well.

It will take we as a society and as developing beings many years to fully adapt to the onslaught of information we receive and use it wisely, without resorting to our caveman 'fight or flight' reactions. The baser parts of our brains need a little more house training to keep us out of trouble in the future, but we will adapt. We always do.

2. Satellite Communications.
Almost as important as the internet is the mediums by which they operate. Without Stalin and Truman getting into their post war dueling match and the cold war that came afterward, satellites and the interconnection of the entire globe would never have happened. Its so incredibly wonderful that Mr. 1945 could never even have hoped to fully envision it.

3. Free online mediums to exchange information and do business.
Twitter, Craigslist, Facebook, Myspace, Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit (as well as our site!) and many more sites all rose to change the landscape of business as we know it. Who would have thought that a bunch of geeks in Callifornia would rise to literally wipe out the print news and classifieds industry in a matter of 15 years. It's a quantum leap ahead that no man before 1980 could have dreamed of, let alone 1945.

4. A world living in relative peace.
Yes, there is terrorism globally and conflicts. There are pirates in the seas and online. But, much of this has not separated us. Instead it is forcing like minded people together in a virtual new planet known as the world wide web. This new grouping of cultures makes them all much more powerful, more organized and more able to produce REAL change, not just virtual change. In 1945, the world just could not group together like they can today. Haiti and the superlative response by all nations proves this more than ever.

Now that I have lain these examples before you, maybe you can see why I am still so cheerful and wake up looking forward to the future of the world as we will soon know it. I wonder who will create the next technological jump in cheap bandwidth speed and what that will do to an already advanced technology like the web? I am sure that 20 years from now, we will all look back and consider 2010 the 'Model T' era of the Internet. It looks fast now, but you know that it's just going to get faster, more reliable and safer to use as time progresses.

Yes, you and I don't have enough money. We've got problems and we worry about things. That's the human condition. Cavemen had worries too, their problems just usually had teeth and hid in the dark outside the cave. They figured out how to beat their problems and we will too. So, cheer up and quit looking at the problems. Start thinking about the future and how you will fit into it.

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Craig and Melissa Hull

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