Monday, January 4, 2010

Why we were made for car dealers.

No matter what sell free usa site you go to, there is a classification called Used Cars/Trucks Dealer. And as the name implies, we built this section in all 2,100 or so towns to give local car dealers a place to advertise their inventory with all the photos they wish, for completely and utterly free. For a live example, check out one of ads being run on our Pittsburgh page

Now, I know what you're thinking. Craig, why in the world would you invite EVERY car dealer in America to fill your servers up with thousands, maybe MILLIONS of car and truck ads and not charge them a dime? Well, it's the reason we did everything we've ever done on this site. Its all about long term thinking. We're not thinking 2010 when we do this stuff. We're thinking 2015.

Think about it. In five years, would you agree that the odds are in our favor that Sell Free USA will be quite a large network of sites? We sure believe it will. If we didn't we would have never hawked the family jewells and built this to begin with. We believe that sooner or later, a handful of our city sites will become so popular that you would be a fool not to spend $60 a year or so to grab one of those page sponsor slots on the right side of the page. When those start booking up, the site is paid for, we make a living and everyone is happy. Until then, our friend Terry at Global Office Software gets free ad space and maintains the sellfreeusa server for a very reasonable fee.

So, why not offer what others charge for for free? I remember an old boss of mine told me a very important thing. To succeed in business you only have to find out what your competition is either unwilling or unable to do and find a way to do it profitably. We figured that there weren't many places that would allow 100% FREE ads in all categories. Heck, Craigslist charges $75 if you want to post a job opening ad on their San Francisco site! What in the world? No wonder these guys are pulling in over $100 million a year and still using the hippy peace sign as their logo. You can post job opening ads in EVERY one of our 2000 towns for FREE (Including San Francisco). I hate to beat a dead horse, but you can post any ad in any city site sellfreeusa has for NOTHING.... and its pretty hard to compete with free.

Maybe we're crazy. Maybe the whole world will not like us. Maybe we are so off base that we think we're back in the dugout again. Maybe, but I really don't think so.

Craig Hull

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