Thursday, January 21, 2010

With a little help...

Its a long hard battle. I have no blinders on when it comes to the task at hand. To take a site from nothing and inject it into the fast flowing stream that is the internet world without expecting it to be a hard old fight would be silly. Our little boat is in a big big ocean of things for you to do, use, interact with and just spend your time and effort on. That's why we came into this projecting a time period of 5 years before would even be a true contender in the free online ad market. We're only 10% of the way there timewise but, we're already on the two year benchmark we set. So good.

We love the hits we are getting and we know that many of our sellfreeusa city sites still lack ads in a ton of categories. That's Ok for now. Right now we just want you to look at it and tell us what you think about it. If you like the idea, tell others, if you don't tell us so we can fix whatever you see that you don't love. Simple.

Its David and Goliath all the way and we're looking for as many smooth shiny stones as we can find, before we go into the real battle. In the meantime, we could always use the help of those who appreciate a good idea and want to see a really serious alternative to what's available on the Internet come forward and grow.

If you get the concept of sell free usa and what we stand for, then just keep telling others about 'this site I saw'... that's all it'll take.

Thanks for the ads
Craig and Melissa Hull

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