Monday, January 18, 2010

Word of mouth wins round one.

When I changed direction and went from brick and mortar manufacturing, print marketing and sales to wholesalers and started, it took me a little while to re-acclimate to the free for all world of unlimited production capacity (the entire globes ability to produce classified ads), no brick or mortar and no middle men. Though I have yet to earn enough to buy a cup of coffee, I like the virtual world much more. Less land taxes.

One big difference is that in order to be successful in a virtual marketplace, you have two choices. You can absolutely dump cubic lightyears (Yes, it is used as a measurement of distance and therefore mass) of cold hard cash at marketing and name recognition, or you can throw yourself at the mercy of the internet and see if they love you enough to tell someone else. So, far.. thankfully, you guys are telling someone else and that cheers us up around our little blue office space. That's a reference to the wall colors, not our mood.

As week 28 goes by since we finally took onto the internet, we are impressed with just how blabbing about it will get the word out. And if people like it, they mention it in passing and so on. In other words, the internet is the rebirth of the oldest and most effective marketing method on Earth... word of mouth.

So, which is better? Neither. If you have a zillion dollars to blow on marketing, by all means do it! It just speeds up the process. But, if you want to know if your 'product', your content and your method of doing whatever you hope to do on your website is working. See if word of mouth won't always work better.

We're still in the first stages, but word of mouth is winning round one for us.

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Craig and Melissa Hull

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