Friday, January 8, 2010

Work like you're getting paid... regardless.

At this time, where we are in America, there are a LOT of things that depress you. Watching the news, reading the news, listening to other people around you right now can easily drag you down, both personally and professionally. These are the times that split up partnerships, destroy companies, damage families and just make life completely unpleasant, no matter what you try to do. We know, we've been in it just like everyone else is in it and worse than most at times lately.

But this blog isn't about Melissa and Myself and our problems. It's a quick note to remind you that things WILL get better and capitalism will rise back up and do what it does. You just need to grab onto whatever faith you have, put your nose down and work like your getting paid for things right now, even if you're not. If you take whatever you've chosen to do for a living and REALLY work it, like you have to punch a time clock, even if you don't, behave like you share your desk with your boss (You do, if you are self employed... that slave driver looks back at you in the mirror every morning) and keep your spirits up like you've already got more than enough money in the bank, you will be 3 steps ahead of everyone else your competing with right now.

Work smart, not hard. How many times have you heard some speaker in a seminar say that? Well, it's true but working smart is a different thing for every person, every situation and every company. I hope that you will look forward and see that using your local page as a smart place to market will be a no brainer. It doesn't cost anything. That's a smart way to market in anyones book... free is good. Remember that your family, even distant family is always more important than money or business. They really, truly are.

Some extremely wise person said "what does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his own soul", about 2000 years ago. He was talking about your inner self, your person that you only see. if you can't look forward and know what you are doing is good financially AND good for your inner self, you need to rethink things. No matter what, be true to yourself, don't forget how your momma raised you and keep stepping forward... damn the bills.. onward!

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Craig Hull

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