Tuesday, January 12, 2010

YOU are a Genius!! Just show them!!

History always plays out the same way in retrospect. Those who won were Geniuses and those who didn't were considered crazy, ill tempered, unsuited for whatever purpose they attempted or some other unflattering label that a tenured professor in some dusty college office will deem appropriate. Caes in point... Henry Ford and Nikola Tesla.

Ford was hailed by all (rightfully, so in my opinion) as a pure Genius and industrialist who changed the entire world. Tesla was painted in history books as a crackpot freak with ideas that no one could comprehend in most cases. But in reality, Tesla was much more of a genius than Henry Ford, its just that Tesla was a poor promoter and didn't get the monetary success that will always mark one as a winner in the World.

So, right now the history books are not written on you and me. We are still here pounding it out, day after day and by all rights, you could end up being called a genius long after you're long gone. It's just going to depend on your choices and your financial success to a large degree. So, how do you travel into history as a genius? Here are some great tips to help you get your thumbs up rating from the college professors of tomorrow.

1. Be creative.
Always look at what you are doing and ask yourself, 'can i do it in a way that nobody has tried yet?'

2. Take chances.
Right now, I know this is just about the most unpopular thing to do. We chance takers have taken some serious beatings lately, but overall success isn't about this last year or last week or even yesterday. Overall success is measured looking back over 40 or 60 years of a persons lifetime. So, be a little risky. Post an ad that really takes it out there. If you aren't upsetting someone, you aren't DOING anything. So, have you really upset anyone lately? Try ... you might stumble on your new marketing secret sauce.

3. Be bold.
If you have two choices and one makes you think, 'man, if that way actually did what i think it would... it would be fantastic' .... go try it.

So, will history see you as a genius or a failure? or even worse... will history not even remember you? That, my friend should be the scariest possibility of all. I know that this entire project will end up one of three ways when history looks back at it. They will either blog about the founding days of that monster ad network sellfreeusa.com and how it rose up to incrementally change the way people did business worldwide, they will say that it crashed and burned in a horrific series of nasty moments... or worst of all, they would just not even remember it.

Much like you, I will do anything as  long as its not the third option.

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Craig and Melissa Hull


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