Wednesday, January 6, 2010

You guys have the best ideas!

We've been a getting lot of input lately and that's what we want. This is a community, not a one way thing for us. We want input and direction from all people. That's why we openly show our twitter account... (just search sellfreeusa on twitter and follow us) and we link our myspace and facebook pages to everything. Now, it's bearing some fruit.

Local Weather/Time/Temp Realtime on EVERY page.One idea was so simple, yet so brilliant. Why not create a real time local time, temp and weather on each cities page that is accurate to that zipcode. First, if you want to use it as your homepage, or one of your homepages, it gives you another reason to. Second, if you are searching ads in other cities and see something for sale, you can see very quickly what time it is there, local time, before you wake some poor guy up with a call to his listed phone number. Third, you can also see what the weather is like there at a glance, so before you start thinking about grabbing the car keys to drive over and grab that one of a kind antique jukebox, you'll know if the weather there agrees with your plans. Like i said, all pretty smart! We're on the job as I write this.

Myspace/Twitter/Facebook Adlink buttons. Another was so good that we had to jump right on it. Live link buttons where you create an ad, so you can automatically post it on YOUR twitter page, YOUR facebook page and even your MYSPACE page with a click as well. All real time, all fluid and very useful.

Built for the iphone? Third comes from the other end. Terry at GWN just signed up to create Iphone apps and he is going to create a realtime, built into the sites architecture iphone compatible code for each and every ad posted in the very near future.

So, in just a few short weeks, we've gotten some really good input, and more importantly we're acting on it right now. What would you love to see on YOUR local page? We can't do it for you, if you don't ask... email me and let me know.

Craig Hull

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