Sunday, January 24, 2010

You're not stupid... we know that.

You've been to about a million sites on the web that offered the 'free access' come-on and then hit you with a credit card page about 90% of the way in. We despise that and we wouldn't do that to anyone else. the only things you can even pay for if you wanted to on our site is the option to feature your ad, which means that you can replicate the same ad in other cities (which just saves time on your part) for $2 a city or you can design your own 127x127 pixel button and pay $5 for a page sponsorship on any page in any city you choose.

Those are both optional and if you found yourself at the point where you had to pay for a free ad on our site, then we apologize... you need to tell us about it so we can label things more clearly. As it stands, you can go and post free ads in any city, in any section you want for completely ZERO money. If you want, you can go post over and over and over again, for free. We're not worried about the paid parts yet. We just want everyone to fall in love with our new site and fill it with ads.

Most importantly, we just want to repeat that we hate those online 'free' cons as much as you do. We know your smart and we hope that you choose to post your ads with us.

Thanks for the ads
Craig and Melissa Hull

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