Wednesday, January 27, 2010

You've got something worth paying for.

No! I'm not talking about THAT thing you've got, I'm talking about your personal talent, your experience in certain things and your ability to help people solve certain problems. Will Rogers once said, "You've got to go out on a limb sometimes because that's where the fruit is."

So, if you are like most people these days, you could use a little more cash. One way to do that is to offer your talent for hire. It's what lawyers and doctors and plumbers and mechanics do every day. Now, I have no clue what you would personally be good at. That's for you to find out. Maybe you are a really good book keeper. Then why not post an ad in your nearby pages that you're available to do book keeping or light accounting on a fee basis. It's just one of many examples of what people could be doing to help themselves and others out on a daily basis.

Think hard about what you know. What you have learned over the years that could be beneficial to others near you. As far as a fee, that's up to you as well. If $15 an hour makes you happy, then fine. If you think that $40 an hour is more to your liking or maybe a retainer based system would work, then say so in your ad. One thing is for sure, always offer references, both personal and professional and be flexible about  everything, from the hours you can work to the rate of pay you need. The more flexible you are, the better you will be appreciated.

Just imagine what you could be doing a year from now with an extra couple of grand coming in now and then? What are you waiting for? You can't be found if you don't get out there and advertise! Work up your plan, your fees, hours and everything else and go post ads for free in our business directory today. If we don't have a classification for your particular trade, just email us and we'll pop one on for you.

It's all about getting ahead in this world and we're here to help you do just that.
Thanks for the ads
Craig and Melissa Hull

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