Monday, February 1, 2010

Before you pay to sell your car, why not give us a FREE try?

Ok, so you posted on craigslist and in five minutes your ad was 4 pages down. Plus, you really know that if people could just see the photos, they would know that it is a REALLY nice car. But, if you want to have an ad with a photo next to the heading, you have to go to a site that makes you pay for it.. right?

Wrong.. at every ad gets a color photo you download used as the head photo, which allows for much better ad surfing by buyers and allows someone to get a glimpse of what you are offering at a glance. It is just one of MANY things that make putting an ad on not just different, but better than any other ad site you will find.

Not only can you post photos that show up with the ad header in rotation, you can also download 10,15 or even 20 photos of your car with your ad for free. You will also be able to go in and edit anything in the ad, even after its published, change the price at will, take the ad on and the site as you wish and much much more. Plus, you can easily share your cars for sale ad on our site with your facebook page, twitter page or any one of over 45 other social media sites.

Lastly, your ad will immediately be search material on Yahoo!, Google and other national web sites, which makes it easier for others to find you on the internet. AND anyone who searches on our internal search bar at the top of the page can find your ad, no matter where you... or they are located.

It's a win/win kind of thing and the best part is that it costs you NOTHING to do it and benefit from all of these features. Ain't it cool? Can't wait to see your ad!

Thanks for the ads
Craig and Melissa Hull

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