Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Can Vision, Passion and Skill still outdo money?

It's a sound question. Can someone who truly LOVES what they do out-skill someone who can pay anyone to do it for them? Can fervent passion for an idea in one person still outdo an entire boardroom of people who get paid to think around things? I guess it all comes down the the question of whether or not there is room for any more Google guys or Sam Waltons or even Henry Fords? I think so.

All the boardroom meetings in the world could never have achieved what a few guys named Wright did in a garage in Ohio around 1900 and all the power and money of IBM could not keep Bill Gates from pounding down the walls of computing and taking a rather large kingdom for himself in the end.

So, why did I start sellfreeusa.com? Because I REALLY loved the idea and the concept. I'm passionate about the implementation of the idea and I believe that over time, our team will develop the skill it takes to make it work smoothly to create an entire new online domain for people to interact and trade with each other, whether it is products, services, ideas or just their friendship and maybe even love.

Next time someone tells you that your idea is out of date, or already done. Remember that there is always room for one more great idea and its really not dependent on money to thrive. It really is more about your vision, your passion and your skill than anything else. I wish you luck in your adventure and I hope you will become a part of mine.

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Craig Hull

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