Monday, February 1, 2010

An easy way to tell others about your new site!

It is your site, after all. Your local city page will always do you more good than it will us. It is the total sum of all of these pages that will be to your benefit, but only if they become popular. So, if you want your page to become a new home for your ads, your thoughts, your connections and friends to congregate in, you can do one simple thing to speed that process up. Just click on the photo attached to this blog, print it out, snip some slots between the tear offs and hang it on your office bulletin board.

Better yet, print off two or three. Drop one off at your Church, you local restaurant, grocer and anywhere else you think people would want to know about us and the new site we built for your town. Remember, you know more about where you live than anyone and if you see value in your local for your town, help us spread the word. You will have helped a hard working couple grow a small business and also grow yours at the same time. Whenever two or more people gain from the effort of any one person, that is a good thing.

Thanks in advance for printing and posting a few of these. And as always...

Thanks for the ads
Craig and Melissa Hull

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