Saturday, February 6, 2010

hmmmm.... what's holding you all up? $400 for posting a free ad??

First, let me say thanks for the new ads over the past few days! We're seeing some action on that front, but i am not really seeing any ads that catch my eye..... very strange. How about I do this.... I am thinking about holding the best ad contest for out until the evening of the 28th to give everyone time to get their BEST written, BEST photos, BEST ad to show off on the site for me to look at. And at that point, i will just pick one ad that really stands out, give it the exposure it needs with a FEATURED WINNER ad listing for February on every ad page of every city on the network.

So, the winner and maybe up to 10 other runner ups will get national exposure and the winner I pick will win the whole months budget of $400.

Think about it and let me know what you think. if some decent ads fly on tomorrow, i may stay on my weekly plan, but if nothing really jumps out at me, i will announce that the contest will run until the 28th with a VERY healthy $400 check going to one ad on the network that really caught Craigs eye.

What do you say kids? Don't you have an old chair to sell? Write up an outrageous ad with photos of your chair in all sorts of wild positions. Tell us big old whoppers about how Elvis once owned the chair or something... make it bold faced crazy wild! Then put it on for free and Craig might just pick your ad, put it out on 1.2 million other page areas around America and also drop you a check for $400.

Four hundred bucks for posting a free ad is INSANE! But, we're doing it. So go get your dam camera, create two dozen ads for your local page and Craig WILL see it. Who knows, you could get $400 richer and a lot more famous!

Get to it.... Craig is looking as we write this.

Thanks for the ads
Craig and Melissa Hull

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