Friday, February 5, 2010

You could win $100 this week for posting a free ad.

This is an update to my blog. The weekly prize money has been doubled to $100 because one of our sponsors came forward. Very NICE! I came up with this stupid contest yesterday and it just wouldn't get out of my head. I wanted more people to start posting free ads on and I said out loud... "What does a guy have to do? PAY people to sell stuff anymore?"

the Idea stuck and I haven't had the nerve to tell Melissa yet. (Thankfully, I think she is tired of reading my blog, so she won't know for a day or two...) For more info on how this simple contest works, just visit ANY ad section on ANY city page on as I have posted the contest and rules in all of them.

The basic outline is this. Post ANY ad on, which is totally FREE on your part. I will search all new ads daily and pick a favorite ad of mine each Sunday evening. I don't care if it's a services ad, a business listing, something wanted or for sale or for trade. That's not the point. Just post an ad and I may just decide I like you more than anyone else, give you 1.2 million free copies of your ad re posted nationwide and a check for $100. Simple.

It's free to post the ad. You can only gain from advertising and you might just pick up an extra $100 for your trouble! If you don't win this week, you might be chosen next week as I won't disqualify any ad... I will just pick one of the current ads each week from the ones who have not won already.

All winners will be posted nationwide on in all ad categories, featured on the twitter page as well as on our facebook fan page. That's a pretty good piece of exposure. Plus, if there are any good runner ups, the top five will get the same exposure, minus the $100 check of course.

So, are you SURE there isn't SOMETHING you need to post an ad for? Go ahead... you might just win $100 and your ad posted on 1.2 million different pages nationwide for the trouble.

Thanks for the ads
Craig and Melissa Hull

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