Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Oh the shows you'll see...

 We've all had it happen. You went to stubhub and grabbed two excellent seats for AC/DC months in advance. You were all set to go in a week and then something happens. Hopefully nothing too horrible, like a dead family member, just an unexpected business trip that MUST be taken and you are the only person in the company who can go 'make the rain' and bring back peace to the corporate village. Whatever. I know how it goes. I have had to pass on more than a few tickets to others because things changed and i could not go.

That's why we had to included...

 On every sellfreeusa.com page. It's a free venue to sell, give away or hunt for tickets, show passes, VIP passes to clubs or whatever else requires some sort of printed item to enter. Can you imagine all of the cool FREE VIP stuff that you'll get to see listed in Vegas, LA and Miami? This could be very good indeed. Imagine, since it is locally based in over 2,000 separate US towns, your free passes to the local gun show won't get lost in the mix of free VIP passes to the TAO nightclub in Vegas.

Once again, it only works if you tell others, so make sure to spread the word to anyone who is into concerts or promotions for events locally. They can post away for free and we will all benefit from it in the end. Anyone got spare front row tickets to AC/DC in Kansas City, next month? 

Thanks for the ads
Craig and Melissa Hull

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