Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Retail shelving, cash registers and more ads, all free in 2,000+ cities

When you shut a store down, whether a small market, hardware, clothing, general merchandise or whatever, finding buyers who need your racks, retail shelving, cash registers and display cases can be a headache sometimes. Sure, there are always those who will give you 10 cents on the dollar, but you would like to recoup more by finding someone who needs it just as badly as you need to get rid of it.

At, we created the Retail Store Equipment classification for those of you who both need to buy and sell these specialized items and put one in each of the 2,000 plus town sites we have in all 50 States. We just couldn't imagine getting you more local for both the selling and buying of retail store equipment than that. So, do someone a favor today. If you see a store closing up, let them know that their local page has a classification for them to list all of their items, with as many photos as they want to include, in their home town, for FREE.

The location is right, the classification is spot on and you really just can't beat the price.

Thanks for the ads
Craig and Melissa Hull

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