Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Steven Colbert is either Satan or sent from God...

If you have not sat down and watched Steven Colbert do his thing, you are missing bold faced comedy from start to finish. His bold, loud, deer-in-the-headlights kind of attitude about every concept, guest, situation and socioeconomic problem is so fun and refreshing to watch. So much brilliance and perceptive aptitude is hidden under this purposeful doltish appearance and it works magic, when you get the joke and start playing along.

Comedy Network, nearly every week night. Take the time to watch it two or three times before to a final decision about it will do you wonders. i think that once you get past the crusty top layer, you will see a smart, fast paced and funny show that stabs at the truth of many common problems we all deal with today in America.
Now, if he would only give us the old Colbert Bump..... that would be grand. 

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Craig and Melissa Hull

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