Wednesday, February 3, 2010

There IS someone out there for you... close by.

We've all been where you are now. You are starting to think that all the good ones are gone. You're just not having much luck dating and you are thinking about springing for the fee and getting on one of those national relationship sites. I think that they all work great but I always thought that a free and more local alternative would always be a good first place to start.

Why not post a photo ad on your local page today? What could it hurt? We have many classifications in our personals section on each city page and they are all there for you and everyone else to use for completely FREE. Who knows, you might just find the one you've been looking for. I am a firm believer in fate. If you are reading this, maybe fate put you onto our site. One thing is for sure. When fate hands you something and you ignore it, then you've usually lost a great life changing moment.

If you are serious about getting online and trying to connect with someone new, put a personal ad on your local site and maybe pop a new listing on the nearby town pages. Who knows? Maybe someone has been in there looking.... for you.

Thanks for the ads
Craig and Melissa Hull

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