Monday, February 1, 2010

Vintage Iron has a home here.

When we started building we knew that there would bea category or two for antique and classic cars and trucks. We also hoped that many parts of the country would grasp onto the Farm Equipment section and put some vintage and antigue tractors on for sale as well. Why? Because we love vintage stuff.

We also love vintage motorcycles, clothing, signs, memorabilia, magazines and books, records, tapes, old wooden boats and just about anything that could remind you of where we've come from in one form or another. If there is one funny dichotomy to this for us, it's that it uses the most modern technology ever created to preserve and expand the massive collection of antique and vintage items we have.

Do yourself and the entire world a favor. Whenever you see someone who sells or collects anything old or vintage, mention our site as a place to buy and sell their wares. It's our own little way of preserving parts of America for the future generations to fully appreciate.

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Craig and Melissa Hull

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