Tuesday, February 2, 2010

We love books! How about you?

Paperbacks, Hardcovers, Old, New, Photo Books, Coffee Table books, cartoon collections, history, literary and whatever else you can think of, we love them like you love them. Once again, it wasn't a huge leap to make sure that we not only put a listing of book categories on all sites, but that we also broke them down into Hard Cover, Paperback, Magazines and Wanted Sections.

If you are looking to complete you spiffy National Geographic collection, the wanted section allows you to post all over and begin the hunt for those rare 1921-1945 issues in earnest... for free. As a book seller, this opens up an completely new national venue for offering your inventory as well as combing through the wanted sections to see if you can't find new customers. It's all designed to make life easier for anyone who loves buying, selling or collecting any type of book or magazine and we hope that it really opens up new doors for all of our sellfreeusa.com 'residents'.

So, anybody got any '50's car magazines they want to get rid of? Craig is always looking.

Thanks for the ads
Craig and Melissa Hull

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