Monday, February 1, 2010

You gotta love the underdog.

Especially now when the whole world has really turned on its head, being the underdog is more common than ever. With that comes an entire section of the world population that now empathizes and roots for the underdog more than ever. Well, buddy, you don't get much more underdog than us.

We are a husband and wife. Both unemployed by the turn of this great economy. Just before the end of 2009, we swore to work like a job. We have taken what was a part time for fun project and decided that we were going to work it every day like we were already getting paid too much for our jobs as it was. We get up and we work on this site, we think about and analyze it, talk about it with others online, twitter about it, facebook about it. We basically have chosen to eat, sleep and breathe until it rises up and breathes on its own.

We could go on and on about our situation this year, new baby boy, Melissa narrowly escaping the clutches of Cancer, banks attacking us, too many bills and not enough cash, but we didn't write this blog to complain. We wrote this blog so anyone who came to read it would know that there's no VC or Angel money behind this site. There's just us and the world and we need all the help the world will give us.

As always, we appreciate those of you who facebook, myspace and twitter about us. We also love it when you visit our site, register and start posting ads. It's all good and we are here to make this work for the long run. With so many of you all rooting for us underdogs, we have a feeling that it will come even sooner than we had hoped. Just keep talking about us, keep using our site and by all means, keep rooting for the guy who doesn't have a hope, because once in a while, that guy wins.

Thanks for the ads
Craig and Melissa Hull

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