Thursday, March 25, 2010

Your FREE online store is ready.

Sometimes, I think that people miss the point of To put it in its most basic form, it is nothing more than a big virtual shopping mall and gathering place that we came and built in your town. But, unlike the brick and mortar models, we don't have any limitations on how many 'stores' can be in a location and we don't charge any rent for you to come and set up shop.

So, think back to when you had hoped that craigslist was going to be just like this this for you, but they never came to YOUR town. Or they filled up with so many different ads that you couldn't even keep your ad on the front page for more than a few minutes. Well, we are going to do our best to make sure that we grow each site to a healthy level but never let it get over run with ads. If any one ad city starts to fill up, we will simply split it and keep spacing it out for the local guys to get their fair share of the space.

Why would we build totally free places like this? Because we believe that in the long run, the world will find that it is a better place to come look for things to buy, people to interact with and just create a more local, unified community in every city page. As that happens, the volumes will create the brain simple marketing for local businesses to sponsor pages and it will become self sustaining without forcing anyone to pay for an ad. Simple? Yes. Successful, only time will tell.

All we can say is that it is there as an experiment in how our modern culture views it. If it is a great idea, it will definitely grow. So... have you wanted to really own a truly local virtual store to market your products, services, ideas or just to get rid of some stuff? We've built your local virtual 'mall' and it is totally free to use, so start using it and tell others.  

Thanks for the ads
Craig and Melissa Hull

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Can a small Iowa website play with the big boys?

We think so. The greatest part of the Internet is that it really doesn't matter 'where' you are located. It matters whether or not you have a good, easy to use, fun to navigate web site. A site run by a company in the tiny town of Clarinda Iowa can run faster and smoother than a site run in downtown Los Angeles. That is the greatest part of all about the internet. It really does eliminate borders.

Look at our site. We are located in Clarinda, Iowa while the site itself sits on one of the fastest and most powerful and secure servers systems in all of North America, in Winnipeg, Canada. We chose to work with GWN because these guys basically run the entire web based Canadian Healthcare system and have bandwidth, skills and frankly like the idea of a better online free ad site as well.

So.. can a couple from Clarinda Iowa change a little tiny corner of the Internet for the better? Sure. All we need to do is keep YOU, or visitors happy. As always, we are here to help you advertise and sell for free on the Internet and if you need help, just pop us an email.

Thanks for the ads
Craig and Melissa Hull

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Posted a wanted ad and got $100!

Courtney Meyer of Yorktown Iowa posted an ad on her local page just looking for some good used appliances. Now, she has $100 to help pay for them because she was picked in our 3/21/2010 random ad drawing and picked up a quick hundred smackers.

How can you get $100 from us? Just go post at least one free ad anywhere on the nationwide network of cities. We randomly choose a winner every Sunday and someone gets $100 just for posting free ads.

Really, can it get any simpler than this? Look at that smiling face! I think she's happy!

Thanks for the ads
Craig and Melissa Hull

Friday, March 19, 2010

Term Limits!!! Damn it!!! Term Limits!!!

Someone asked me what my politics were today.... My response was... Term limits, new roster, start over... someone stop this madness.

Seriously, what is it going to take to get people to understand that the basis of all of our current problems rests with incumbent Senators and Congressmen and Women who get to stay in office for DECADES and soon become so enamored with the lifestyle that they become government power 'crack addicts' who would kill their own mothers for one more term?

I am not ranting from the perspective of a U.S. taxpayer, though I have been classified in the top 3% more than 12 years in a row in the in the past. I am not ranting as some tea bagger extremist, though I can see exactly why they would be so, foaming at the mouth angry about things right now. I am also NOT ranting as a republican right wing advocate, though I can see why they would be pissed off as well.

I am ranting today as an American. I am angry as HELL because of the prostituting of all that made America great. I see the world that Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Lincoln and even FDR and Truman tried to build, deteriorating at our feet because of only one very important fact. We are allowing our elected officials in Washington to get waaaaay too used to the lifestyle, way too in entrenched and way to powerful to do us any good.

Why am I qualified to say this more than anyone else? Well, I used to own a manufacturing company in Iowa that my brothers, my father and I founded. We all started as average Iowa boys, all working hard, late on one payment or another and happy to be alive. We then decided to start building an item that apparently was popular. So popular in fact, that our little enterprise swelled to nearly 300 employees and nearly $50 million a year in revenue. So, yes... I did live fat for a while.

But, as many companies did over the last twenty years, we lived and survived only at the whim of a world gone mad. Raw materials prices and oil swinging wildly from one extreme to the other, followed by social and political upheaval from horizon to horizon, regardless of where you live.. Terrible things all counteracted by quick thinking and good relations with customers, bankers and employees.

It cost me a marriage from the stress, it cost me thirty years off of my life, probably and it cost me friends and family that I would never have dreamed I would have lost, but now, in 2010, I sit without a company, 300 people unemployed and probably a chapter 7 somewhere in my future because of only two things. One; I assumed, like many before me, that time would work it all out, therefore I still lived too well and didn't knock my corporate and personal debt down, like my grandfathers (who both lived right through the great depression) would have... and Two; because my Nations capitol is filled with people who really don't give two damns about you, me or whether we actually live or die.

"How can you say that, Craig?! Our elected officials are there because we ELECTED them! It's the will of the PEOPLE!"... Not true. Many of those people, like Tom Harkin, Chuck Grassley and others (I use Iowa as an example, because I was born here and still live here.) are only here because WE let them be here!"

BS.. they are here because we Americans hate change at any cost and because the law allows these men to keep running for re-election, we, who hate change just keep voting them back in, over and over and over again.

In 2008, in an attempt to help cure the problems that my company was facing, due to the housing crisis, I flew to Washington for the first time for one reason. I flew there to talk face to face with my elected officials and see if they couldn't tell me where I should turn or what I should do to make sure that, not only my lifestyle wouldn't be effected, but to see if I couldn't find a way to stave off terrified (YES, terrified!) bankers and save the paychecks of nearly 300 hard working, dedicated people, who counted on myself and my brothers weekly to feed themselves and their kids.

I was greeted by three things.. obscene shows of power by nearly all of my elected officials. Opulent offices, hordes of 'aides' and 'assistants' and a total lack of concern of actually correcting the issues at hand. Seriously! If you saw Chuck Grassley's office, you would be shocked.. Russian mobsters don't have digs that sweet. Just sickening.

So, why am I talking term limits? Because if it is good enough for our commander and chief to be in term for only 8 years, then it is good enough for the rest of them as well. Trust me.. this has gone on long enough.

Craigs solution to the banking crisis, the economy and the future? New team COMPLETELY, and don't let them EVER get this comfortable again! It WILL change the lives of your children and their children for the better. Seriously.

Re-post this on twitter and facebook for me, if you agree. It is time for someone who has seen the backroom at the whorehouse to stand up and say... burn it down. If I am that person... then I am.

Thanks for the ads
Craig and Melissa Hull

Thursday, March 18, 2010

With us FREE really is FREE

It's been a strange journey here at Being a pretty honest, straightforward kind of guy, I figured that when I made everything on our new site free, everyone would say, "Cool, it's free and I can use it as much as I want for free!? I'll tell my friends and we'll start using it."

But, no.. every day, I get someone asking me what the 'catch' is. Buddy, there is no catch. Terry and I both agreed that we would do our best to just let this site run completely free of any charges for years to come. The reason is, it is the internet economy at work here. We are just going to give it all away, access, usage, all of it forever and as more and more people realize that we are indeed giving it completely away, they will finally start using it and telling others.

As the growth comes from more and more people using, we get more and more hits. As the hits climb, local business people, who should already be listing in our business directory for free and posting all over their city page for free will probably want to make sure that they get all of the eyeballs that come to a page and they will decide to become a page sponsor, at their discretion. As all of these businesses in all of these towns decide to become page sponsors, we get the income required to run the site and YOU still get to use it for FREE... forever.

It's as simple an idea as we could come up with. So, no... there's no catch. Just use the site. We've got the long term plan hammered out.

Thanks for the ads
Craig and Melissa Hull

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Power of Referral

To put it in the simplest terms, no large scale enterprise ever grew to any extent without good person to person referrals. It's the basis of all great things and we hope that someday people will be telling others about by the millions. but, today we have less than 200 facebook fans and 3627 twitter followers.

So, how does a website like ours get to the coveted million ad a month level? Referral from one person to another on a quantitative scale. It's so easy for anyone to do but so hard for a guy like me to convince people to start. Why? Because you don't know me.

You are afraid to tell someone else about me for fear that it may not work well and you will look foolish in their eyes. It's the number one reason why people don't refer people to someone else. Nobody wants to look like they mislead someone. I don't, you don't don't.. that's natural.

But, step out on a limb here and think of your referral for what it probably will be taken as. It will be an opportunity for someone to be an early adapter. People like to know about things before anyone else because it makes them feel smart. So, if you did tell people about us, you are simply showing them that you knew something that they didn't. It works well both ways, doesn't it?

Now for the explosive power of quantitative referrals. Let's take all of our facebook fans and our twitter followers, which totals 3804 people.

If all 3,804 people posted a single ad on today, we would have 3,804 new ads.

Then, if they told someone else tomorrow (just ONE person each) to go post an ad, we would have 7,608 ads online. Then... stick with me here, if everyone just told one more person.. "Hey, you get online a lot. Have you seen that new site, They're giving away $100 every Sunday just for posting a free ad. You should toss an ad on there. You might win.".. the numbers get crazy big real fast.

Ok, so 3,804 people post an ad and tell there friends that they could win $100 just by posting a free ad, so they do...

and they all tell one person on day three that enters. Now we have 15,216 ads.

On day four, everyone finds one more person to do it and we get 30,432 ads.

Day five, same thing.. 60,864 ads.

Day six, one more time.. 121,728 ads and entries.

Day Seven, everybody tells one person who posts an ad. 243,456 ads.

Day Eight, ditto.. 486,912 ads.

Day Nine, one more time around... 973,824 ads.

And in only ten straight days, if everyone could just do that one thing daily, you would definitely have a solid new online classified network full of over 1,900,000 different and unique ads to choose from, all because you found someone who took the time to post something on the site and get entered to win $100.

So, are you REALLY tired of craigslist, like many of you say you are? Then give this Craig a little help and start by posting one ad and telling a new friend to enter our drawing by posting an ad every day.

Just pass it along and keep it going. When you think about it, we really CAN change the world.. one person at a time.

Thanks for the ads
Craig and Melissa Hull

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Two weeks, two $100 winners

Betty Midgen, (no photo yet) of the Council Bluffs, Iowa area won our $100 random ad drawing on Sunday the6th of March and now Blake Clarke from Belleville Il, won $100 just for posting a totally free ad on our site this last Sunday, March 13th. I asked Blake to give me a reason why he started using and though flattering, I hope that it strikes a chord with some of you who read this.

"I'm blake clarke and i love using sellfreeusa since it first was up and running, the fact i can not only post ads for free for everyone to see, I have yet to have one single "spam"or false reply. Up until sellfreeusa i had been using craigslist and it has gone so downhill, i got tired of the constant spammers.Not only is it spam free but its so easy to use all you do is follow a few steps that are completely explained :D. anyway i guess what im saying is i loove this site and the fact its free and easy to use, I plan on using this site for everything i need/or need to sell."

I'm just glad that people are starting to use our new site and hope that the chance of winning $100 just for posting free ads on simply sweetens the pot.

Thanks for the ads
Craig and Melissa Hull

Friday, March 12, 2010

Why Formula One kicks NASCARS butt.

I want to start off by saying that I am now and have always been a motorhead. Seriously... no one can beat me at this. When I was four years old, my mother said that I saw the cover of my very first Hot Rod Magazine at the supermarket and cried until she bought it for me.If she had not sworn that she would disown me when I was young, I know that I would have worked my tail off, gotten a ride and probably have died in a fiery crash at some race track many years ago.

For my birthday all through my childhood, all I wanted was subscriptions to Hot Rod, Car Craft, Popular Hot Rodding, Truckin' (I was a 70's kid and vans WERE cool) and Car and Driver. When I was eight, I received a coffee table book about formula 1 cars that had one of those floppy plastic records inside called, "The sounds of formula one." which I played on my mothers old RCA console record player until it somehow disappeared off of the face of the earth a few months later. (I'm sure that my mother had decided that listening to full blast audio of Jackie Stewart doing laps around Monaco for the 800th time was all she could stand, bless her heart.)

I challenge ANYONE to out bench race me and know that my technical knowledge of all makes and models of automobiles and engines is stupid good. (Sample... the first gen Z/28's could not be ordered with air conditioning or automatic transmissions. AND there were less than 16 1969 convertible trans-ams ever built!) I was arguing the differences between the max wedge and Hemi when I was 8 years old to 20 year old men and I can still remember being dumbfounded at 13 when a 25 year old guy with a really sweet LT-1 '71 Z/28 thought that a close ratio transmission meant that the length that the shifter traveled between gear changes was shorter. (Seriously!)

Funny, though. I fell out of love with NASCAR many years ago while watching the Daytona 500 as a young man. I think Cale Yarborough flipped his car over and it didn't have a stock frame or floor pan under it. I was insulted! Suddenly, they were just hand built missiles that paraded around like showroom modified cars. To my young mind, I felt utterly cheated! It somehow seemed dishonest and my love for NASCAR quickly died off. I still just don't watch it much at all, even to this very day.But, to reiterate how much of an old school NASCAR fan I am, when I found out that Smokey Yunick had died a few years ago, I openly complained that I had been to Daytona 20 times and did not know that I could have gone to his shop and met him alive until that very day. I figured that any man who had lived that life could never have lived that long!

I had the same thing happen years ago in drag racing. Though, I am a monster fan of the men who built drag racing. I am still a HUGE drag racing fan and can call one of Drag Racings founding members, living drag god and legend, Tom the MonGoo$e Mcewen (Yes, Hot Wheels, Snake and the Mongoose.. mongoose) a friend of mine. I have sat in restaurants and been fortunate enough to have Don Garlits tell me about getting backwards on the track in Pomona in his first rear engined dragster and Joe Amato sit at Benny Hana's in 'Vegas and talk at length about how sponsors can get when you aren't winning. So, yes, I am now and always will be a drag racing fan.

Back in the 70's as a young lad though, I started seeing airplane wheels and all sorts of weird body work changes on top fuel cars and somehow just lost half of my interest in the love of drag racing. Give me two old Vega bodied 2500hp funny cars on Halibrands, running under crappy lights at night and I will be there with you. But, the 8000 HP super monsters of today have just taken some of the love out of it for me. Maybe when it became completely apparent that an average successful guy couldn't compete in top fuel drag racing and NASCAR, I just lost my taste for most of it.

Formula One racing, for some reason, has always been something I LOVE! I love it because no one makes any qualms about the fact that you need cubic dollars just to show up and that all the money in the world is necessary to get to the show, but it still won't guarantee a win. Maybe that is why I love it. It's the motorsports equivalent of space shuttle racing. Super, Ultra hi-tech, cutting edge dangerous quick, plus, those things are just too darn cool to watch!

Why am I ranting about this now? Because the new Formula one 2010 season starts this weekend and my DVR's are all warmed up and recording the practices on Friday, qualifying on Saturday and race on Sunday. The rules are all new, Mercedes has former Ferrari drivers behind the wheel, fuel stops are outlawed and things are going to get real interesting to watch.

If you consider yourself a true motorhead, then you owe it to yourself to study the new Formula One cars and start watching the races. You may just quit watching NASCAR altogether before its over, as well.(Sorry Colonel Sadler, but you just don't have Jensen Button!)

Thanks for the ads
Craig and Melissa Hull

What's the deal about this site?

The first question that comes to peoples lips when they ask me about is what it does and the second is how it will grow. What it does is just what you think. It's a new, more local place for people to advertise and interact for free in a much more local environment than craigslist offers. How it will grow is another matter.

The basic concept behind growing is promotion by bribe. If I can find the money, I am going to body wrap a new vehicle; my pick would be a new crew cab 2 wheel drive GMC sierra half ton in white with blue themed wrap. Win this truck FREE would be the number one motto on it and I would do my best to get it shown where ever it goes.Why give away a truck? Why not a car or a motorcycle or cash? Well, i like trucks and I think that, as a whole around this country, people in America love trucks. They are strong, tough, give you excellent survival in a crash, can carry darn near anything and just make for a good all around vehicle. Get a crew cab pickup and you now have all the things that make owning a four door sedan great mixed in with the power, utility and versatility of a pickup bed on the back. Hey, I love a crew cab pickup and I think you would too, if you got one for free.
My goal is to give away a truck a month for infinity. A very expensive proposition but one that would get people talking sooner or later. The second thing I would like to do is give away $500 every day, 365 days a year to one lucky user. Once again, that would have to get some people chattering and posting ads by the millions sooner or later.
As I am hindered completely by funding right now, I am unsure as to how to do this. But I am looking forward always. I see the potential for this company to become gigantic and I feel like it is worthwhile to pursue it. With the potential to produce gross revenue and earn itself international status, that is just too large a potential not to actively pursue.
I am not pushing for my income though. I know that once this thing takes off, I will make money inevitably. I am more excited about the cool things that this company will create. The employees and others that will actually make good livings from this and the entire segment of the world ‘village’ that will choose to operate and do business within the confines of our virtual little world. That to me is extremely exciting stuff.
Plus, I get really excited about someday watching YouTube videos of the people who will win our contests and how excited they will be to get $500 or to get in their brand new pickup truck and drive it off for the first time. Seriously, I love thinking about that and how excited everyone around them will be and how the word would spread like wildfire in one town after another as more and more winners are created.
The day I first get to watch a network news show do a story on our company or our winners will be a major milestone for me as well. And the thought of opening up a huge national magazine and seeing a sellfreeusa ad in there, or listening to a radio show and hearing them talk about us. That will be a moment for me to become truly proud of what I have worked to build. I believe that the moments will come. All I have to do is keep working with Terry and the geniuses at GWN to make this site easy to use and fun to be on. The rest will come with time.
Right now I am working on no money. I keep growing twitter followers with our sellfreeusa twitter account and tout the totally free ad environment, our super local pages and the $100 I give away out of my pocket every Sunday to one lucky poster. It has been painfully slow at first, but by opening up ad postings to be automatically posted statewide or nationally for free (to build up ad volumes) I am finally seeing a little nudge in user ship. Keeping in mind that I have a 5 year growth plan for this company, there is nothing but blue sky ahead. I know that Melissa thinks I may be crazy at times to chase this, but as I said, the math is huge and I have to try.
If I have one goal, it would be to have 1,000,000 ads on our site as of December 31st of 2010. Averaged out over all 2100 city pages and 160 classifications per page, that would be only 3 ads per page, but I don’t need them all running. I hope to get 25 cities really started and being used by the end of the year. It’s a steep goal but I think that once people find it and appreciate it, the growth will be unbelievably enormous in scope.  At 25 cities running near ad capacity, I should have enough unrelated revenue per month to spend on ads and promotion, which I believe will be the most vital part of this company for years to come.
At that point, we could start giving away a truck and month and $500 a day, with enough left over for advertising and promotion. One could plan on putting full page ads in a few very large circulation magazines monthly, which should get our name, our giveaways and our total concept in front of about 10 million readers a month. With any luck we should be able to get at least 100,000 click through visitors a month through various ad pages on the net and we could spend the money to get a decent radio ad campaign going on at least one big name national radio show. This combination of promotion should help us push growth to huge levels in coming years. And every month that revenues climb, we will increase ads to keep it climbing.
Just think about the growth. If you get 20 million new people to learn about you a month, how fast will you grow? The possibilities are unlimited. With billions of twitters per month and 350 million facebook users, it kind of points to gigantic as an ample word to describe what could happen.
Who knows for sure. I guess when you see a GMC truck driving up your local road that says Win a FREE truck at on it, you will know that my crazy dreams are finally coming true. In the meantime, if you like the way we have our network of sites setup, please post some ads and do us the favor of telling others about us. With that growth comes the free goodies. We can’t throw them at you until enough people come to the party. 

Thanks for the ads
Craig and Melissa Hull

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How rich is REALLY rich?

We were talking in the office the other day about all of these dot com guys that got hundreds of millions of dollars for some startup firm or even billions, as in the case of the google boys. But, when you try to quantify it down to a number, how rich is really rich? How much cash up front and how many dollars per year would you require to live like a total monster of a rich person? Good question. Our local internet can always give us a nice financial picture of what it takes to live REALLY good. So, we dug in with no budget and just hunted for the coolest things you could buy and did some math on what it cost to live like a king day in and day out... ready?

Home Base: Of course, you have to start somewhere and home is the best place to do that. We assumed that you would want to call your home someplace in the action but above it all, so we searched around and found this nice looking pad for sale online at Hilton and Hyland Real Estate.  This 15 bedroom compound in the Holmby Hills section of Los Angeles puts you in the right neighborhood and should give you more than enough room for visiting guests. Just click on the link above and take the virtual tour to really get a taste of what $29,500,000 buys these days.

Wheels: Next, you've gotta have something to drive down to the store, so this Rolls Royce Drophead Coupe probably makes the 'Buddy, I am LOOOOADED' statement more than anything else could. Toss in a full time driver and bodyguard, for added effect at about $75,000 per year each and you are now in the club. At $458,000 for the model shown, it does make a statement. I bet it is sweet to drive, no doubt.

Hideaway: All wealthy people also have to have another place to call home, that the photographers can't get to. We found this lovely 681 acre private island in the Bahamas with a 6 bedroom main house, multiple guest, servant and grounds keepers houses, a paved runway, its own powerplant, fresh water and much more for the bargain price of only $55,000,000. Your nearest neighbor will be Johnny Depp, just to get an idea of the neighborhood you are moving into. I am sure that it is a fixer upper, so you better budget another $10,000,000 for personalization, updates and assorted island toys... (matching gold plated Yamaha Rhino's anyone?)

High and Pressurized: Of Course, if you have a house in what is basically Beverly Hills and an Island in the Bahamas with a private airstrip, flying on Soouthwest Airlines just ain't gonna cut it. The newest offering from Gulfstream will get even your richest pals a little green with jealousy, the new G650 Global Voyager can fly non stop from LA to the Bahamas with 18 people on board and do it in only about 4 hours. Sweet way to get around. Price? $60,000,000 plus taxes, upkeep, flight time and crew. 

Floating Palace: No Self Respecting Rich Person can call themselves successful if they don't have a decent party barge to go hang out on. A quick look through brought up this super nice little dingy, a 269 foot 2007 Oceanco Mega yacht with room for 12 guests plus 26 crew. At an easy $176,000,000 it is a great way to remind people that you are richer than just about anyone and its a great way to move around. With a 4000 plus nautical mile range, it can cruise from New York to London or from Seattle to Hawaii. Oh, and yes... that is a swimming pool on the rear deck that can be hydraulically converted to a helipad. Which brings us to the next and final big toy every rich guy must need.

For just under $2,000,000 having a Bell executive Helicopter standing by to transport friends from the house to the jet or the island to the boat could come in handy. Just store it on the yacht and be ready for anything.

Ok, you've spent about $333 million to get your lifestyle equipped. Add on another $2 million for other cars, limos, toys and etc., $20 million for various taxes, duties and titling fees and then figure that you'll need to come up with about $3.5 million per year just to keep it all up, maintained, operating and usable. Throw in a spare $1,040,000 per year for YOU to have some spending money ($2850 a day for 365 days should cover your basic soda and chips needs) and you have a first year expense of $359,540,000 and an annual expense of about $4,540,000.

Sounds like a ton of cash. Just imagine that if you were one of the founders of Google, your 5% annual interest off of tax free municipal bonds would only require a funding of $91 million to keep your lifestyle running for a lifetime. Plus, with an estimated worth of Larry Page, one of googles founders is currently $18.6 billion. That's enough cash to buy everything we just bought about 56 times!!!

Keep thinking big kids... others have done it.

Thanks for the ads
Craig and Melissa Hull

Thursday, March 4, 2010

$100 Sundays every Sunday

So, our new giveaway is pretty brain dead simple. You simply post a FREE ad on our site and we let the computer pick a random ad every Sunday. Somebody is going to win $100 a week just for posting free ads on our site. It's as simple as that.

So, you have something to advertise or sell? Why not start posting on as well. We may not get the monster hits of other sites right now, but we do give away $100 to someone each week just for doing that. I don't see craigslist or kijiji throwing that out there right now. Just a thought.

The final point is this. As the months and years go by that we keep doing this, more and more people WILL post more and more ads, and soon more and more people will start viewing those ads and doing business from our site. It is just one more small stage in the 5-10 year growth plan that his

Bottom line here. You won't win $100 if you don't post at least one ad on our site and it costs nothing to post an ad. $100 for free is about as good a thing as I have seen lately, so why not give it a shot? You don't need $100? I bet some of your friends do, Moneybags. Tell them about our new weekly drawing. They'll probably thank you for it.

Thanks for the ads
Craig and Melissa Hull