Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Power of Referral

To put it in the simplest terms, no large scale enterprise ever grew to any extent without good person to person referrals. It's the basis of all great things and we hope that someday people will be telling others about by the millions. but, today we have less than 200 facebook fans and 3627 twitter followers.

So, how does a website like ours get to the coveted million ad a month level? Referral from one person to another on a quantitative scale. It's so easy for anyone to do but so hard for a guy like me to convince people to start. Why? Because you don't know me.

You are afraid to tell someone else about me for fear that it may not work well and you will look foolish in their eyes. It's the number one reason why people don't refer people to someone else. Nobody wants to look like they mislead someone. I don't, you don't don't.. that's natural.

But, step out on a limb here and think of your referral for what it probably will be taken as. It will be an opportunity for someone to be an early adapter. People like to know about things before anyone else because it makes them feel smart. So, if you did tell people about us, you are simply showing them that you knew something that they didn't. It works well both ways, doesn't it?

Now for the explosive power of quantitative referrals. Let's take all of our facebook fans and our twitter followers, which totals 3804 people.

If all 3,804 people posted a single ad on today, we would have 3,804 new ads.

Then, if they told someone else tomorrow (just ONE person each) to go post an ad, we would have 7,608 ads online. Then... stick with me here, if everyone just told one more person.. "Hey, you get online a lot. Have you seen that new site, They're giving away $100 every Sunday just for posting a free ad. You should toss an ad on there. You might win.".. the numbers get crazy big real fast.

Ok, so 3,804 people post an ad and tell there friends that they could win $100 just by posting a free ad, so they do...

and they all tell one person on day three that enters. Now we have 15,216 ads.

On day four, everyone finds one more person to do it and we get 30,432 ads.

Day five, same thing.. 60,864 ads.

Day six, one more time.. 121,728 ads and entries.

Day Seven, everybody tells one person who posts an ad. 243,456 ads.

Day Eight, ditto.. 486,912 ads.

Day Nine, one more time around... 973,824 ads.

And in only ten straight days, if everyone could just do that one thing daily, you would definitely have a solid new online classified network full of over 1,900,000 different and unique ads to choose from, all because you found someone who took the time to post something on the site and get entered to win $100.

So, are you REALLY tired of craigslist, like many of you say you are? Then give this Craig a little help and start by posting one ad and telling a new friend to enter our drawing by posting an ad every day.

Just pass it along and keep it going. When you think about it, we really CAN change the world.. one person at a time.

Thanks for the ads
Craig and Melissa Hull

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