Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Two weeks, two $100 winners

Betty Midgen, (no photo yet) of the Council Bluffs, Iowa area won our $100 random ad drawing on Sunday the6th of March and now Blake Clarke from Belleville Il, won $100 just for posting a totally free ad on our site this last Sunday, March 13th. I asked Blake to give me a reason why he started using sellfreeusa.com and though flattering, I hope that it strikes a chord with some of you who read this.

"I'm blake clarke and i love using sellfreeusa since it first was up and running, the fact i can not only post ads for free for everyone to see, I have yet to have one single "spam"or false reply. Up until sellfreeusa i had been using craigslist and it has gone so downhill, i got tired of the constant spammers.Not only is it spam free but its so easy to use all you do is follow a few steps that are completely explained :D. anyway i guess what im saying is i loove this site and the fact its free and easy to use, I plan on using this site for everything i need/or need to sell."

I'm just glad that people are starting to use our new site and hope that the chance of winning $100 just for posting free ads on sellfreeusa.com simply sweetens the pot.

Thanks for the ads
Craig and Melissa Hull

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