Friday, March 12, 2010

What's the deal about this site?

The first question that comes to peoples lips when they ask me about is what it does and the second is how it will grow. What it does is just what you think. It's a new, more local place for people to advertise and interact for free in a much more local environment than craigslist offers. How it will grow is another matter.

The basic concept behind growing is promotion by bribe. If I can find the money, I am going to body wrap a new vehicle; my pick would be a new crew cab 2 wheel drive GMC sierra half ton in white with blue themed wrap. Win this truck FREE would be the number one motto on it and I would do my best to get it shown where ever it goes.Why give away a truck? Why not a car or a motorcycle or cash? Well, i like trucks and I think that, as a whole around this country, people in America love trucks. They are strong, tough, give you excellent survival in a crash, can carry darn near anything and just make for a good all around vehicle. Get a crew cab pickup and you now have all the things that make owning a four door sedan great mixed in with the power, utility and versatility of a pickup bed on the back. Hey, I love a crew cab pickup and I think you would too, if you got one for free.
My goal is to give away a truck a month for infinity. A very expensive proposition but one that would get people talking sooner or later. The second thing I would like to do is give away $500 every day, 365 days a year to one lucky user. Once again, that would have to get some people chattering and posting ads by the millions sooner or later.
As I am hindered completely by funding right now, I am unsure as to how to do this. But I am looking forward always. I see the potential for this company to become gigantic and I feel like it is worthwhile to pursue it. With the potential to produce gross revenue and earn itself international status, that is just too large a potential not to actively pursue.
I am not pushing for my income though. I know that once this thing takes off, I will make money inevitably. I am more excited about the cool things that this company will create. The employees and others that will actually make good livings from this and the entire segment of the world ‘village’ that will choose to operate and do business within the confines of our virtual little world. That to me is extremely exciting stuff.
Plus, I get really excited about someday watching YouTube videos of the people who will win our contests and how excited they will be to get $500 or to get in their brand new pickup truck and drive it off for the first time. Seriously, I love thinking about that and how excited everyone around them will be and how the word would spread like wildfire in one town after another as more and more winners are created.
The day I first get to watch a network news show do a story on our company or our winners will be a major milestone for me as well. And the thought of opening up a huge national magazine and seeing a sellfreeusa ad in there, or listening to a radio show and hearing them talk about us. That will be a moment for me to become truly proud of what I have worked to build. I believe that the moments will come. All I have to do is keep working with Terry and the geniuses at GWN to make this site easy to use and fun to be on. The rest will come with time.
Right now I am working on no money. I keep growing twitter followers with our sellfreeusa twitter account and tout the totally free ad environment, our super local pages and the $100 I give away out of my pocket every Sunday to one lucky poster. It has been painfully slow at first, but by opening up ad postings to be automatically posted statewide or nationally for free (to build up ad volumes) I am finally seeing a little nudge in user ship. Keeping in mind that I have a 5 year growth plan for this company, there is nothing but blue sky ahead. I know that Melissa thinks I may be crazy at times to chase this, but as I said, the math is huge and I have to try.
If I have one goal, it would be to have 1,000,000 ads on our site as of December 31st of 2010. Averaged out over all 2100 city pages and 160 classifications per page, that would be only 3 ads per page, but I don’t need them all running. I hope to get 25 cities really started and being used by the end of the year. It’s a steep goal but I think that once people find it and appreciate it, the growth will be unbelievably enormous in scope.  At 25 cities running near ad capacity, I should have enough unrelated revenue per month to spend on ads and promotion, which I believe will be the most vital part of this company for years to come.
At that point, we could start giving away a truck and month and $500 a day, with enough left over for advertising and promotion. One could plan on putting full page ads in a few very large circulation magazines monthly, which should get our name, our giveaways and our total concept in front of about 10 million readers a month. With any luck we should be able to get at least 100,000 click through visitors a month through various ad pages on the net and we could spend the money to get a decent radio ad campaign going on at least one big name national radio show. This combination of promotion should help us push growth to huge levels in coming years. And every month that revenues climb, we will increase ads to keep it climbing.
Just think about the growth. If you get 20 million new people to learn about you a month, how fast will you grow? The possibilities are unlimited. With billions of twitters per month and 350 million facebook users, it kind of points to gigantic as an ample word to describe what could happen.
Who knows for sure. I guess when you see a GMC truck driving up your local road that says Win a FREE truck at on it, you will know that my crazy dreams are finally coming true. In the meantime, if you like the way we have our network of sites setup, please post some ads and do us the favor of telling others about us. With that growth comes the free goodies. We can’t throw them at you until enough people come to the party. 

Thanks for the ads
Craig and Melissa Hull

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