Friday, October 21, 2011

How to register for a FREE account at

How do you create a account? Easy... here you go!

Here's a quick step by step on how easy it is to create a free user account at and start posting free online classified ads immediately. No email verification, no phone verification, no begging and whining, just create an account so that 1. No one else can get in an monkey with your ads. 2. give an anonymous email link for people to contact you and 3. (after you sign in and go to your account) put in a contact phone number, if you want to, that will automatically post along with every ad YOU post.

 First, go to and you will see the very front page of the site here, with a full map of the United States on it.

Next, click on the State you live in. We'll choose Missouri for this new account. 
And our new account holder lives in Maryville, MO, so let's click here. Remember, there are over 5,000 towns in all 50 States, so find your city and if your town is not on there, email Craig and he will be glad to add it! (How about that for service?)
 Now you are on the main classifications page for Maryville, MO. Anyone who wants to post a photo ad for Maryville will put it here. 

At the top of the page, you will see a link titled Register. That is where you will create your own unique user account. In here you can change your personal info, your contact info, publish AND unpublish ads at will and more. Sound like fun? Let's get started. 

Here we are at the actual registration page... not very scary looking, is it? Our new account will be for a man named John Anyone. So we put in John's name, an actual email so that people can email the link directly off his ad (anonymized so that no one can actually harvest your email), select your home town and state, plus create a password that only John would know to keep this all private. Once we get this all filled out, we hit register and.......
Here is where you enter your email address and password to log into the account. Don't forget! If it weren't for this, anyone could jump on and monkey around with your ads... and that would NOT be fun.

and you accept the terms of use, after you read every last letter of it!!! (We actually have many people who do and that is OK. Nothing to hide, just the usual 'behave or we'll spank you' stuff.

And there you are... at your very own unique accounts page. From here you can go in and add a phone number by editing your demographics or just dive right in and start posting ads by hitting the Create an Ad! button.

See! We told you it was no big deal! Now go have fun and start posting away. We expect you and your friends to help us fill this site up with all sorts of cool stuff, services, info, events, personal ads and much much more.

Enjoy it on us and once again,

Thanks in advance for the ads!
Craig and Melissa Hull Founders

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